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Mineral Resource Evaluation | Geological Database Design & Implementation | Training, Reviews & Audits | Customisation

Mineral Resource Evaluation

Conduct independent resource evaluations. Including statistical and geostatistical analysis, geological interpretation, grade estimation (linear & non-linear) and reporting to international standards (JORC, etc).

Geological Database Design Implementation, Maintenance & Hosting

Design Geological Database to client's requirements using Datamine Fusion/DHLogger software, including geological coding and sampling protocols, define and monitor QAQC systems and protocols. Remote Hosting (& Backup) optional.

Training, Technical Reviews & Audits

Training and detailed technical reviews/audits of data collection, resource models and grade estimates. Reporting to international reporting standards (JORC, etc).

Datamine Customisation

Provide customisation and support for Datamine/Guide and Datamine Studio in the form of tailored macro's and scripts to clients needs. Customisation of resource evaluations systems and procedures. One-off and bespoke menu access procedures. Review existing systems and conversion to latest Web-based scripting systems.

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