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Processing Plant, Kilembe, Uganda


   Review & Audit

Mineral Resource Evaluation | Geological Database Design & Implementation | Training, Reviews & Audits | Customisation


Detailed technical reviews of data collection, resource models and grade estimates. Reporting to international reporting standards (JORC, etc)

Database Validation
  • Verification of integrity of database information
  • Validation of drill hole
  • Data and geological classifications
  • Assessment of quality control programmes
  • Sample collection protocols
  • Density determinations
Review of Geological Interpretation
  • Regional, local and structural geology
  • Methodology used to define lithology, alteration and structure
  • Characteristics defining oretype and mineralisation
  • Geological interpretation of ore controls
Analysis of Geostatistical Parameters 
  • Verification of statistical domaining
  • Review of semi-variogram interpretation
Verification of Estimation Criteria
  • Review of bock model parameters, cell size, search distances, etc
  • Review of estimation parameters applied
  • Suitability of estimation protocols applied
  • Application of appropriate support corrections
Assessment of Reporting Standards
  • Review reported grade-tonnage figures
  • Assessment of reporting standards in accordance with industry standard reporting guidelines (AusIMM / AIG / JORC / IMM)