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Mineral Evaluations

Mineral Resource Evaluation | Geological Database Design & Implementation | Training, Reviews & Audits | Customisation


In all cases, geological input is emphasized and consultation with site geologists a priority.

Database Validation & Audit
Verification of integrity of database information, validation of drill hole data and geological classifications. Assessment of quality control programmes, sample collection protocols, geological interpretation of ore controls.
Construction of Geological/Orebody Models
Interpretation of geology and/or grade distributions using client data, generation of geologically consistent wireframe models.
Geostatistical Evaluation
Assessment of sample compositing. Analysis of classical and geostatistical distributions of grade variables within interpreted geological/grade domains. Geostatistical analysis of grades by geological/grade domains.
Grade Interpolation
Kriging neighbourhood tests for block size and determination of estimation parameters. Estimation of grades using conventional (polygons, sections) and/or geostatistical (kriging; linear & non-linear, uniform conditioning) techniques.
Resource Reporting
Reporting Resources/Reserves to AusIMM /JORC standards. Presentation of grade-tonnage distributions.
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